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Welcome to filmri.com - The place where artists and fans come together. filmri.com is a music community which allows independent artists and groups to upload their music and distribute it to other members, free of charge. Musicians get a platform to promote themselves, and music fans get a place to access the latest unreleased tracks.

Members and bands can set up pages with their personal info, and view other member's info to find like minded musicians, make friends with similar tastes, or just find someone to swap songs with. Look to the forums to find the latest gossip, and see the results of the various guitar, dj, or freestyle battles that are open to all comers.

Buzzbands was created with the intention of building a community where you, the musician, can show off your talents and use our website as a stepping stone for your future. So take some time and sign up for a FREE account at filmri.com, and be prepared to find everything you've wanted to hear.

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